An Bui Career Guide: Marketing Skills to Master this 2021

5 Best Marketing Skills to Master this 2021

Digital marketing is one of the career options to consider if you want to change your career this year. Why not? Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field that does not require a degree to enter. Furthermore, you can work from the comfort of your home and earn a lot of money (depending on your effort). If these reasons are not enough to entice you to pursue a career as a digital marketer, you are missing out.

To give you a brief background, digital marketing is a strategy that businesses employ to promote their products using digital channels such as websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. Digital marketing, often known as online marketing, is vital for bringing company brands closer to consumers. 

With individuals increasingly reliant on their mobile and other communication devices, business owners have seized the opportunity to market their goods via various online marketing tactics. 

Indeed, digital marketing has been an in-demand career and will continue to be in the coming years.

Even though digital marketing welcomes even the most novice, you can’t just dive in knowing you can’t swim. You must educate yourself! 

Digital marketing requires some skill sets to work effectively, and these are as follows:

Content Marketing Skill

content marketing

It is a marketing approach that focuses on establishing relationships with customers by regularly supplying them with high-quality and relevant content. 

There are six types of content marketing such as:

  • Social media content marketing
  • Infographic content marketing
  • Blog content marketing
  • Podcast content marketing
  • Video content marketing
  • Paid ad content marketing

Content marketing is proven to be highly effective in building confidence, increasing sales, engaging with customers, and generating leads. 

As a content marketer, you must know how to: create a content marketing strategy, research and analyze data, develop workflow processes, edit and produce videos, Copywrite, storyteller, edit content, design graphics, collaborate, and can create content that is search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Skill

search engine optimization

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on a website’s ability to be found in search engines like Google. SEO enables engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Knowledge of SEO research and analytics is required. It would help if you familiarized yourself with tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and others. 

Social Media Marketing Skill

In this digital age, customers no longer need to go to an actual store to buy clothes, food, medicines, or other essential/non-essential items. Almost anything can be purchased with a single click of the mouse or just by hitting that “Place Order” button.

Many business owners see this as an excellent opportunity to promote their goods online. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram have now replaced traditional media like print and television as sources of information and entertainment. Social media platforms have been now the popular site for advertisements.

As a result of this trend, the demand for digital marketers has increased in the most popular social media platform, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok, and other messaging applications. 

To become a social media marketer, you’ll need to be familiar with scheduling tools (Hootsuite, Buffer, Tailwind, and so on), Facebook Ads Manager tools, content creation tools like Canva and Photoshop, and so on. Most importantly, you must know how these social media platforms work independently or across platforms.

To represent an organization and interact with clients, a social media marketer must have strong communication skills. They should also be creative, adaptable, and eager to learn.

Data Analytics Skill

data analytics

Data analytics helps improve a company’s performance. As a data analyst, you must comprehend customer data to identify flaws in a particular campaign and provide recommendations to correct them.

Companies rely on these data to understand the trend and make business decisions based on the information available. It just follows that a digital marketer must possess the ability to use analytics programs such as Google Analytics.

A data analyst must have skills in SQL, Microsoft Excel, R or Phyton, and other statistical programming tools. They should also be a critical thinker. 

Product Marketing

Businesses are increasingly seeking low-cost ways to promote their products. They also employ a business strategy known as product-led growth, which focuses on creating positive user experiences to convert more customers. 

A digital marketer needs to understand how customer acquisition works and enhance it using various customer acquisition tactics such as audience definition, landing page design, and boosting website and email engagements.

Digital marketing helps a lot of businesses in achieving their goals. And with the rate it is going, digital marketers will always be in demand. So, if you want to become a digital marketer, equip yourself with the necessary skills to succeed!

Now is the best time for you to start!

Ready to Start With Digital Marketing?

If you want to work as a digital marketer, all you have to do is learn the necessary online marketing strategies and build a portfolio. To get started in this area, you don’t need to get another degree or go to college. It’s easy to get started in the industry.

In addition, the digital marketing culture is friendly and full of wonderful people. So, if you ever have a question, ask around or look it up online, and you’ll get an answer.

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