Instagram Scheduling Tool | 5 Best Tool to Automate Your Post

Instagram Scheduling Tool | 5 Best Tool to Automate Your Post

Instagram engagement, brand awareness, referral traffic, and conversions increase when your content is seen by your audience.

You and your team members don’t always have to be hovering over your phones or computers in order to post on Instagram at the exact time you believe will attract the most engagement.

In addition to opening up the Instagram app and clicking “Post,” you may have other work tasks to complete throughout the day.

Here’s where Instagram scheduling software comes into play. The best tools for scheduling Instagram posts:

  • HubSpot
  • Later
  • Tailwind
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social

HubSpot (Social Media Management Software)

Instagram Scheduling Tool | 5 Best Tool to Automate Your Post

Social posts can be scheduled and published to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using HubSpot’s Social Media tool, part of the HubSpot Marketing Hub. It’s easy to edit your posts, schedule them, and tag other accounts and users using HubSpot. 

If you’re scheduling a post, you can drag and drop the Instagram image into HubSpot and then share it on Instagram. Before your final post is published, you can view a sample of what your visitors will see. Also, if you are scheduling and publishing with HubSpot’s social tool, make sure you are targeting specific audience groups (e.g., on Facebook, target specific countries or languages). 



Instagram post scheduler Later is dedicated to social media. Besides providing a social content calendar, it also allows you to drag-and-drop posts and publish automatically on Instagram Business. Additionally, allows users to link posts to the service’s product pages.



The Tailwind social media scheduler and smart assistant is designed specifically for Instagram and Pinterest. The tool makes it easy for small businesses to easily personalize their Instagram posts and schedule them using features like bulk image uploads and hashtag finding.

A single dashboard allows you to view your Instagram post schedule and grid visually so you can see what your audience will see prior to posting. 



With Buffer, you can schedule social media posts across six social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. By using Buffer, you can schedule and manage Instagram posts all from one place.

The hashtag can also be included in the comment section instead of the caption in the Instagram post (to keep the post and caption looking tidy). Buffer social media analytics feature can also be used to analyze Instagram posts in order to determine what was successful among your target audience. 

Sprout Social

sprout social

A social media management platform, Sprout Social works with six major networks including Instagram. With this tool, you can schedule and check the engagement metrics of your social media posts once they have gone live. 

You can create your Instagram post by uploading your image, adding a caption, and adding other information (e.g. location). Schedule the post to go out at a certain time and date.

As a result of the social listening capabilities of the tool, you can identify unique trends across your Instagram content and apply them to other marketing elements. 

Plan Your Instagram Posts

Organizing your Instagram posts ahead of time will improve your workflow and ensure your content reaches your audience on time.

Hopefully this article will guide you to the Instagram planner that best suits your needs.

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