Working in a cubicle is almost impossible for marketing professionals. Marketers are creative, ingenious, and wise, so being confined to a literal box can be very restricting!

Fortunately, more companies are considering remote workers than ever before, allowing marketers to work from a coffee shop, home, or any place one wants to work or like, which can help one be more productive.

In addition, there are several chances for work-from-home workers available, particularly in the digital marketing field and with computer organizations that are increasingly promoting virtual work environments. So, if you want to consider taking a digital marketing job and work outside the office, look at these positions you may wish to apply for.

1. Product Manager

If you enjoy both technology and marketing, look into Product Marketing Manager positions. You will manage new product launches and the internal communications, messaging, and positioning that go with them.

While many organizations prefer to have their Product Marketing Managers situated on-site to engage with other team members, you can find success working for startups with limited space or companies who appreciate remote work.

You Should Have Technical knowledge. Product Marketing Managers often work with software and web-based products. Thus a strong interest in and experience in this field is preferred.

2. Marketing Copywriter

Copywriting is a good choice for a work-from-home job, named one of the most effective marketing and advertising sectors. After all, the work you produce—web copy, ebooks, sales materials, blogs, and articles—says far more than the number of hours you stay in the office.

Full-time work-from-home copywriting jobs for a business or a client or marketing agencies are found on sites like Upwork or look into freelance writing jobs.

You Should Have: Excellent writing abilities, but you should also be familiar with SEO. Companies or clients want writing that is noticeable on the internet.

3. Marketing Analyst

It is an excellent opportunity to work from home if you are incredibly detail-oriented and enjoy crunching figures. A calm, uninterrupted work environment assists you to be more productive in a role that demands you to examine data and transform it into a brand or marketing strategy.

The scope and experience of these roles vary. For example, a senior marketing research analyst conducts high-level research and makes recommendations based on that data. An e-commerce company is looking for a telecommuting SEO Analyst Assistant to perform SEO research and data entry.

It would be best if you have: It depends on the role, but it is most likely a blend of analytical and strategic thinking skills. And understanding SEO is a huge plus!

4. Content Strategist

If you’re already blogging, you’re probably aware of how content marketing works. So, why not use your expertise to demonstrate to businesses how to use the same methods? As a Content Strategist, you will work with companies to establish what type of content they require based on their goals, and then you will develop that plan through campaigns, projects, and editorial calendars.

You Should Have: Proven blogging or content strategy success.

5. Digital Marketing Consultant

It is likely the most adaptable position, and if you have several years of expertise and demonstrated success in digital marketing, it could be the ideal career for you. As an added plus, consultants are often well-compensated because clients or business owners rely on their abilities to push their company to the next level.

Working for a digital marketing agency is one alternative. These firms are frequently engaged in reviewing current digital marketing processes and procedures, giving thought leadership, and strategizing with teams on enhanced performance.

You can also go it alone as a freelance consultant, where you can pick and choose what types of work or clients you take on. It can be a good fit if you want to build up a niche in your business, such as social media for fashion and beauty clients or brand strategy work for healthcare organizations.

It would be best if you have: Several years of experience, preferably deep competence in one or two specific skill sets.

There are many options for full-time and contract digital marketing positions available. If you are employed on a project basis and offer excellent outcomes, you have a strong case for being hired full-time. Start making a list of companies or clients you’d like to work for, look on freelancing job websites or find freelancing jobs on social media platforms, present the idea to them, and make yourself stand out to others.

Ready to Start With Digital Marketing?

If you want to work as a digital marketer, all you have to do is learn the necessary online marketing strategies and build a portfolio. To get started in this area, you don’t need to get another degree or go to college. It’s easy to get started in the industry.

In addition, the digital marketing culture is friendly and full of wonderful people. So, if you ever have a question, ask around or look it up online, and you’ll get an answer.

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