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Best Freelancing Websites – Get that Remote Job

Are you looking for a career that allows you to work from home? Do you want a side hustle apart from your regular job? Are you interested in working as a contractor? Are you fed up with commuting? Are you tired of workplace squabbles? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, freelancing is the best option for you.

A freelancer is a self-employed person who sells his or her services to clients through freelancing websites without the use of third-party resources. A freelancer is not an employee of the organization he works for, but rather a contractor.

Many workers are now considering freelancing as a career choice. When businesses lay off workers as a result of the pandemic, it becomes a fallback. Burnout and exhaustion are another reason so many daily workers migrate to freelancing.

Why not? Being a freelancer has its advantages:

  • You can be your own boss. No more grumpy managers, being late, or being confined to a 9-to-5 schedule. You are the master of your own ship. This is especially true when you have your own company.
  • You are in control. Since you are your own boss, you can make your own decisions. You can either work without taking a bath, or you can work in your PJs. You can manage your time, the projects you work on, and the clients you work with.
  • End of office politics. There will be no more working for favors between competing managers or teams.
  • Your time is your own. This is the most enjoyable aspect of freelancing. You have the choice of working full-time or part-time. You should apply for a job to which you believe you can devote the most time.
  • You’re free to work anywhere. You can work even when you’re on vacation. You can work from your bed, the dining room, or a simple workstation at home. 
  • You can choose the projects to work on. Since you are in charge, you can filter the tasks that you believe are worthwhile or that you are capable of completing. Projects are chosen by freelancers based on their experience and enthusiasm. Of course, not all freelancing projects are enjoyable and inspiring. There will still be dull, tedious activities, however you can choose to do what you enjoy.
  • You can choose the clients to work with. Let’s face it, there will always be nagging bosses, regular office jobs or not. However, freelancers can always move on to another client if you think the working relationship is no longer healthy. 
  • You will never have unpaid overtime. Working as a freelancer helps you to work on an hourly or project basis. Clients pay freelancers for their services. You are compensated based on the number of hours you work. You don’t have to work extra hours unless you are getting paid for it.
  • You can earn more. Working as a freelancer helps you to work with as many clients as you want. It’s perfect as long as you can handle and deliver high-quality work regardless of how many clients you have. Expert freelancers or those who have built a reputation in the freelancing community may also charge higher rates.
  • Your efforts reward you. Clients who are happy and pleased can provide incentives or benefits, so freelancers are rewarded for their efforts. Hard work pays off in the end.
  • You have 100% job security. Client relationships that are strong will allow you to maintain them for a long time. Freelancers have complete leverage over their future and earnings in this manner.
  • You’ll learn more. Freelancing presents new challenges as you progress, and the more you learn from these challenges, the more invaluable you become. 
  • You’ll gain confidence. In the long run, communicating with clients or developing relationships with them gives freelancers confidence. The more confident you become in your work, the more clients can entrust you with bigger assignments.
  • You can do the work you love. Freelancers have the freedom to work on projects that they enjoy. If you are an accountant who enjoys graphic design, then apply for a graphic design job. You can also work in accounting if you want to.
  • The potential for growth. When you gain experience in freelancing, you can obtain a better understanding of how the system functions. The more you learn about your own strengths and abilities, the better. You can manage more clients or larger projects. You might even start your own freelance business one day.

If you’re convinced that freelancing will work for you, then it’s about time to get started. 

Freelancers find work via freelancing websites, as previously stated. Currently, there are quite a few options. Here is a compilation of the best websites for freelancing and we have categorized it for you:

For Graphic Designers:

graphic design

99designs. It connects graphic designers to collaborate with clients. Graphic designers can work on a client or submit designs for client’s selection.

Envato Studio. It is a group of hand-picked designers, developers, and digital experts who collaborate on projects ranging from logo design to web creation to video production.

Dribbble. It’s a place for sharing web design work with potential employers and searching for the best job openings. This website has a lot of projects for UI/UX designers, product designers, visual designers, brand designers, and other types of designers.

Coroflot. It welcomes web designers, fashion designers, art directors, and creative directors.

Behance. A website that welcomes freelancers in architecture, art direction, branding, fashion, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, interaction design, motion graphics, photography, UI/UX, and web design categories.

For Web/Software Developers:

AngelList. If you want to work with startups, you can apply for a website and software development jobs. A place for professional freelancers, freelance developers and web designers are selected thoroughly and matched with clients. 

Codeable. It is a place for designers and developers, digital marketers, content publishers, and creatives.

Gigster. It serves as a global resource for highly qualified developers, project managers, and designers.

For General Freelancers:


Upwork. A freelance platform for authors, graphic designers, and web developers. Professionals may use the web to find work, connect with customers, and get paid.Upwork takes a percentage of a freelancer’s earnings.

Freelancer. A marketplace for freelancers from technical, professional, and creative fields. It has a membership after 8 free applications. 

Fiverr. A marketplace for freelancers who are into graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and technology, business, and data processing. 

Guru. A website for freelancers who can do finance, marketing, and engineering administrative tasks. It takes 5%-9% cut.

OnlineJobs.Ph. A job board in the Philippines that focuses solely on remote online employment opportunities. It was founded in 2009 by John Jonas, a Utah-based entrepreneur, as a way to link business owners in North America and around the world with the affordable Filipino workforce.

Serviceescape. This is the website for you if you are an editor or proofreader, translator, graphic designer, and writer.

PeoplePerHour. A website based in the United Kingdom that connects businesses with freelancers to work per hour or per project basis.

Hubstaff Talent. A job board for freelancers who are in the development, marketing and sales, design and multimedia, writing and content, database and IT, Admin, and business consulting categories. 

Toptal. A global network of the best independent software developers, designers, finance professionals, product managers, and project managers.

CloudPeeps. A community, marketplace, and forum that enables top clients to connect with trusted freelancers and skilled service providers via a single portal that makes managing relationships, payments, and more simple.

Truelancers. A website for freelance and skilled developers, designers and creatives, bloggers and writers, SEO experts, sales and marketing, and mobile app developers. 

FlexJobs. A low-cost subscription service for work seekers looking for legal, high-quality, remote, and flexible job opportunities. It also offers:

  • Discounted career coaching
  • Discounted résumé reviews
  • Resource articles
  • Live members-only Q&A sessions
  • Webinars
  • Virtual job fairs
  • Skill tests
  • Member savings

Zeerk. A website where freelancers can post “micro freelance work” with rates ranging from $3-$200. The business has been in operation since 2010, and its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Freelancers can apply for jobs in social media marketing, SEO, writing, audio and music, video, graphic and design, programming, software, and gaming categories.

For Video Editors:

ProductionHub. A network for video editors who can apply for part-time or full-time jobs.

Media Bistro. This is the place to be if you’re looking for writing and editorial, social media management, and content editing jobs.

Mandy. A website for TV and film production jobs for composers, casting assistants, and more.

Stage 32. Stage 32 is the leading educational resource for filmmakers, television producers, and digital media creators. There are also webinars, classes, and labs available for those who want to begin a career in video editing, script writing, and more. Short film, documentary editor, film production designer, screenwriter, and other positions are available on this website.

For Marketing Jobs:

Zirtual. Freelancers are welcome to work on marketing tasks such as email management, scheduling, analysis, event planning, and more at Zirtual. However, this is currently available for freelancers from the United States.

Clickworker. Another platform for marketers who can work remotely using Clickworker’s app. Freelancers can work on their own schedule and are being paid per assignment basis. 

For SEO Jobs:

Konker. A platform for freelancers in the marketing, graphics and design, SEO, programming and technology, audio, and videos niche.

SEOclerk. A marketplace for freelancers who can offer SEO services, art and design, content writing, and programming.

For Writers:

Blogging Pro. If you are looking for writing gigs, this is the place to be. The website is updated daily for freelance writing jobs.

Pro Blogger. It has a job board where you can find writing gigs for free.

Pub Loft. It collaborates with content marketers who are able to think critically, write clearly and concisely, and study and report on a subject.

Freelance Writing. It is a hub for freelance writers who can write blog posts, web pages, press releases, product descriptions, email newsletters, and white papers.

All Freelance Writing. A job board for freelance writers. Except for white papers or book ghostwriting gigs, which are paid on a project basis, payment is made per article basis.

Writer Access. Editors, writers, content strategists, and translators from the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom can work here. The platform also provides content marketing training if you are a beginner.

Text Broker. Freelance writers and newbie authors can use the website to find writing opportunities. It also gives writers access to blogs with grammar and tutorial tips, as well as videos.

There you have it. The market for freelancers keeps growing and as a result more freelancing websites will spring up in the future.

With or without the pandemic, more people would want to work from home. This work-at-home arrangement is made possible by freelancing. Soon, more companies will require more freelancers to work for them.

If you’re serious about landing freelancing jobs, particularly those that allow you to work from home, you’ll need to keep up with the challenges. Despite the fact that the freelancing world is a large one, there is fierce competition among freelancers.

Learning new skills is essential especially when it comes to applying for freelance online jobs. There are useful tools and online course providers available to assist you in studying or improving your skills. 

The Online Career Accelerator is one of them. It was developed by An Bui, a seasoned digital marketer. It helps prepare individuals to adapt to the demands of freelancing and online jobs.

There’s no need to be concerned if you don’t think you’re unqualified because the platform accepts people from all walks of life. It is a ten-week program but you can study at your own pace.

Equip yourself with the appropriate skills. And when you’re ready, sift through the freelancing websites mentioned above and apply for the work role that you believe is the best fit for you.

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